You! Health is is an app dedicated to healthy habit development and education in the earlier years of childhood. It encourages kids to be aware of their body wellness and learn to build self-care routines from their day-to-day activities and home environment.
 UX/UI, User Research, Visual Design, Interaction Design
6 weeks (Oct-Nov 2020) at Elephant

I worked as a product designer on the You! Health app with two other team members. The purpose of this project is meant to helps kids learn about the human body and develop healthy habits through positive reinforcement and a playful interface. This case study is a part of the Elephant XD Academy program that I was selected to be a part of to develop digital product design experience and skills. Throughout the program, we used tools such as Figma and Principle to create wireframes, UI elements, illustrations, and interactive prototypes and animations. 
MSI Chicago is a popular children's science museum that has been struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their You! Exhibition is known to teach kids about their bodies by engaging in movement. Parents have also been struggling to keep their kids engaged with healthy habits and education, especially with the remote online learning situation. Digital experiences these days, whether recreational or educational, continue to keep kids glued to their screens passively. The task was to reinvent the You! Exhibit experience at home but in the form of an engaging, interactive app.
Through multiple parent interviews conducted and recorded over Zoom, we discovered some common trends:
A) The most teachable moments arise from the most mundane every-day tasks. 
B) Children are curious at heart and naturally drawn to physical activities. 
C) Parents are having a harder time maintaining structured routines for their kids.
Our research guided us to create a habit tracking app that would incentivize kids to learn about the importance of their mundane, but necessary every day health tasks.
Inspired by the Tamagotchi game, we created an experience where kids have to take care of their Mini-You! by making sure to log daily activities such as drinking water, brushing teeth, or getting exercise in. They will earn stars from doing so and also earn extra points from learning activities within the app. They can then use those points to redeem fun outfits at the shop for their character! 
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