Octoshop (InStok) is an online shopping assistant created by a student start-up during the COVID-19 pandemic, that has since acquired over 850,000 users. InStok's new rapidly growing browser extension, OctoShop, makes finding the best prices online as simple as possible through retailer comparisons and currently has over 100k active users. In 2022, it has led to a multimillion dollar acquisition by Ibotta! 
You can download the extension here.
Role: Lead Product Designer (Freelance)
Duration: Nov 2020 - Aug 2021
Octoshop Extension 
I was able to completely redesign the website and also various parts of the browser extension. Check out the landing page and other designs that were implemented by my talented software engineer teammates.
As lead designer for a start-up, I was able to wear many hats and flex as a hybrid creative ranging from UX, visual design, animations, and more. I created animations and moving visuals for the landing page and onboarding process. Using Principle, I animated the layers on various designs and created prototypes to help users better understand how to use the extension and communicate key benefits. Here are some of the gifs in motion:
I also created designs from beginning to end for various parts of the product, including the Hot Product Tracker, Product pages, Shipping and Affiliate features, Notifications, and many more. Working closely with a nimble team of software developers, marketing lead, and project manager, I brainstorm and build designs based on new product requests and we iterate on the new features together in a collaborative process. Using Figma, I support the team from an end to end process from UX wireframes. all the way to delivery of the final visual design assets. I also work closely with the marketing lead to design content and graphics for social.
Hot Product Tracker
Product Pages
Shipping and Affiliate Features
Referral and Informational Notifications
Priority Tracking and Supported Stores
I also created custom Chrome Store graphics for Octoshop. Check them out and also download the extension here! 
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