Here are some of the projects I was able to work on! 
HI HOW ARE YOU? Mood Sharing/Tracking App
 Digitas Connected Hackathon Finalist
Role: Art Director and UX/UI
The uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic can cause extreme fear, worry, and stress. Adjusting to the “new abnormal” of our daily lives during this pandemic can take a toll on our physical and mental well-being. In addition to keeping our bodies healthy, we must make it a priority to look after the mental health of ourselves and those around us.
Quarantine has taken a toll on individuals whether that be financially, personally or mentally. People may want to express and share how they're feeling especially during this time, but don't have the right outlet or are too emotionally exhausted. This can lead to texting and calling fatigue. The stigma around mental health prevents strong articulation and a fear of explaining uncomfortable feelings.
A shared mood tracker app through the use of color that will create a safe platform to engage with your loved ones to learn, share, and communicate about mental health without the need of calling or texting them.
 Not Just a Fling Campaign
 Saatchi & Saatchi NY / Gain Flings 
Growth Initiative Social Campaign
100 Roses from Concrete